Our Self Serve Programme

Welcome to the ‘Self Serve’ area of our website.

Many of our clients have very straightforward requirements or wish to take more responsibility for arranging their own affairs. As part of our commitment to helping solicitors’ clients we designed this service so that the fees associated with face to face regulated investment advice would not become a barrier or prohibitive to us helping solicitors to help their clients.

Over time we intend to build on the services we provide in this area but at the moment we are delighted to be able to help you buy Investment ISAs, General Investment Accounts and Pensions. For clients looking for Deposit Based accounts such as Cash ISAs or Bank & Building Society Savings Accounts please e-mail us for our guide to the latest rates at info@lsnifa.com or call 028 9023 0696.

For those who are looking for a little more investment risk than a bank or building society savings account, please select from the options below.

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